A committed channel in your quest for holistic fitness. With customised fitness plans, personal trainers, workout supplements, diet and nutrition advice, YourFitnessChannel transforms your personal ideals of fitness into a sustainable reality.

YourFitnessChannel offers you a well-chosen regimen of fitness plans, workout supplements diet and nutrition advice to aid your fitness journey.

YourFitnessChannel is an exceptional one-stop-shop for all your health & fitness needs. With customised fitness solutions and advice, you are going to achieve the healthy lifestyle and beautiful physique you have always wanted.

A doctor’s referral is not required to book an appointment for Diet and Nutrition Counselling. However, it is ideal to have your doctor provide us with a referral note to update us on your medical situation in case you have complex medical issues. We can even collaborate with your doctor, psychologist or other health professional with your permission to ensure we are all working well as a team.

Yes, you can have sessions online or by phone. However, we do insist face to face counselling in case you are based in Ahmedabad.

While both are considered to be healthcare professionals, the role of dietician is more regulated than that of a nutritionist. Dieticians access, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. They provide practical guidance on appropriate lifestyle and food choices.
Nutritionist have an understanding of food science and they can provide evidence based information about the impacts of food and nutrition on the health and well-being of humans. They are certified professionals who can only give healthy eating advice.

If you are obese or you suffer from a particular health condition, which calls for strict eating habits and rules, then you should visit a dietician. A dietician role is vital in managing clinical conditions, promoting health and wellness and prevention of diseases.

All those who need healthy eating advice to maintain good health. Nutritionist provide professional guide to vitamin, mineral and other nutrients.

The validity of Fitness Plans purchased from YourFitnessChannel is 30 days. You need to renew your subscription before your validity expires.

You will be getting a maximum of 3 classes per studio associated with us.

Members can go up to 3 times in total across all studios. Please note that Spinning Tomatoes classes and spines are both part of Spins dance group and so the class limit of 3 Classes applies to both.

You can book through our website, mobile application or simply call us, provide us your membership number and book your slot.

No, you cannot book any of the fitness workouts or leisure programs for your friend, however, you can encourage your friends to sign up too!

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